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SORD believes that an inclusive development process is critical for impactful and sustainable social transformation in rural communities.


We help children 

We provide recreational Activities for children like toys and recreational equipment .


We are ground breaking

We are a ground-breaking organization that has a remarkable and traceable track record of starting and implementing projects beyond the expectations of stakeholders.

Welcome to our Organisation

SORD strives to the improving of the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas, often relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas.

Solid Foundation for Rural Development essentially focuses on action for the development of areas outside the mainstream urban economic system. SORD constantly thinks of what type of rural development is needed because modernization of village leads to urbanization and village environment disappears

Our Causes

Drugs and Substance Abuse

Addiction is considered a disease; however, people get addicted to drugs and other substances for different reasons.

Mental Healthcare Services

Community Campaign on mental illness. Identification and case work by Multi-Disciplinary Team (Psychiatric Nurse, Registered Counsellors and Social Workers.

Early Childhood Development

This Programme was designed in response to a nationwide need for support in education in South Africa.

Food Security Interventions

SORD has focused our food security goals on supporting and increasing food production in vulnerable households.

Victim Empowerment

Prevention service against domestic violence. Human trafficking awareness. Case work and counselling Advocacy and court representation

We love to help all the people in our community to live more prosperouse lives