This is who we are

We are a historical youth development organization and it was Ophondweni Youth Development Initiative which later was called Solid Foundation for Rural Development (SORD).

Its existence has been a response to national democratic breakthrough of 1994 where most of South Africans believe that South Africa would present a better life for all. Unfortunately that expectation was and doubtful not to be realised in the near future given the political climate.

We are a ground-breaking organization that has a remarkably and traceable track record of starting and implementing projects beyond the expectations of stakeholders and more particularly our sponsors. Our strength is community mobilization and stakeholder mobilization to support new and existing community development initiative. Working with different Government Departments has made SORD to be a preferred service provider at UMkhanyakude District Municipality. Not only the Government Departments but more importantly the beneficiaries as well.

Our projects are mostly legislated e.g. Drugs and substance abuse through the Prevention of and treatment for substance abuse act no: 70 of 2008 and Mental Health Care act no. 17 of 2008 and Norms and standard for victim empowerment , the criminal justice act to mention the few. We therefore pride ourselves in analysing the policy provision and the practice thereof by different service provider. Our knowledge and engagement on policy issues has assisted us to understand the role and expect the level of service by different service provider thus fosters compliance to legislative frameworks. We sensitise most of state institutions to deliver on their mandates. That has increase service level to expected standards and quality. To that effect we have lived up the quality standards we always preach about to staff and stakeholders alike.

Hard Work

Pure Love

Smart Ideas

Good Decisions

We love to help all the children that have problems in the world.

We love to help in building our communities